The Blue Shoe project
The Blue Shoe project. Every Child Deserves a Music Education
The Blue Shoe project


What Educators are saying…

Wow! Right away, you had their attention and an amazing presence with the kids…there was a great balance between academic and music content! Julie Phillips – Music Specialist, Longs Creek Elementary, San Antonio, Texas

Mr. Blue Shoes provides an opportunity to introduce students to the roots of American Blues – a musical genre that is relatively unknown to a large majority of our student population. Dan White, Ph.D. Fine Arts Curriculum Specialist – Wichita Falls, Texas

The presentation was, hands down, the most effective and engaging presentation I have witnessed in 25 years of teaching! Keith A. Hoffman, Frank Guzick Elementary – Dallas, Texas

The whole school is buzzing about your performances.It was so wonderful to hear teachers talk about all the TEKS you covered! Anne Tracy – Music Specialist, Puster Elementary, Fairview, Texas

His attention to the special needs children was awesome! Angela Neal – Music Specialist, A.C. Williams Elementary, Commerce, Texas

Your energy makes the children want to get up and feel the music the same way that you do, and that is how they will remember the blues, through you! Camille Smith, The Viewpoint School, Calabasas, California

Michael did an outstanding job of ‘reading’ his audience and pacing the presentation! Angela Leonhardt – Music Specialist, Bulverde Creek Elementary, San Antonio, Texas

As a former Young Audiences director, former music teacher, and musician, as well as someone with a music degree…. I loved it! Sally Andrews – Director of Community Relations, Vidor, Texas

Michael has a very creative and innovative way of exposing the students to the Blues through audio visual media! Staci Gideon, Director, Jerry Fay Wilhelm Center for the Performing Arts – Bastrop, TX

Mr. Blue Shoes was AMAZING!!! They loved the music and were dancing and clapping along! Farrah Moore, Life Skills, Houston Elementary – Mineral Wells, Texas

The musicianship was outstanding! You gave a clear presentation and had creative ways to involve participation from the kids. One of the best programs I have seen! Harriet Turnbull – Music Specialist, Hunt Elementary, Plano, Texas

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    The Blue Shoe project