The Blue Shoe project
The Blue Shoe project. Every Child Deserves a Music Education
The Blue Shoe project

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“We have tried opera, ballet, musical theater, etc. This may be the strongest program from every perspective that we have ever sponsored.”
- Dr. Alfred Green / Director of Fine Arts, Irving ISD retired

The Blues Tour is a k-12 interactive music experience presented by musician and Grammy award winning producer Michael Dyson. This exciting live music experience leads students through the roots of the popular music, from the blues through current music genres allowing students to gain an appreciation for their musical heritage.

TEKS aligned advanced curricular study provides teachers with the tools necessary to make this a meaningful educational experience. We invite you to see what educators are saying about the program.

In addition, the flexibility offered by the program allows it to be delivered at a venue near or within your district, minimizing transportation costs and time spent out of class.
The program occurs in May of each year and is designed to serve school districts who must provide a field trip or on campus arts opportunity to their students. The Blues Tour is typically held in a large theater or performing arts center either close to a school district or at the school district. We also have a few days allotted for campus visits each year.

If you are interested in participating in the 2012 tour, please contact us using the form below. Due to the special nature of this program, we only have a small number of dates available for this special program, so please contact us now.

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